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ELITE Pokersagge membership.

Become an "ELITE" member and receive points for the massage you are already purchasing.  The points you build up while getting relaxing massages can be used towards free massages, cool merchandise and even POKER TOURNAMENT Buy-Ins. 

In addition to all of this you will get one free massage per month to cover the cost of the membership.  We will also give you a free massage for your b-day and other special occasions.  For every 5 massages you purchase you will always get one free. 

As an "ELITE" cardholder you will have the opportunity to pre pay to your favorite tournaments at any participating poker rooms.  No more waiting in long lines an hour before the tournaments begin.  Pay through our website and go right to your seat. 

***No Contract Required and you may cancel at any time***

***No refund of payments once transaction has been completed***

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